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Tier 1: INTOSAI ‘SAI Continuity of Operations During COVID-19’ Grant

The INTOSAI ‘SAI Continuity of Operations During COVID-19’ grant has been made available for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) who are members of INTOSAI to apply for support.  This is a unique measure taken by INTOSAI to offer assistance given the global emergency. The aim of this grant is to assist its SAI members with continuity of operations, through ICT and staff safety measures support, to respond to needs caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The total grant of Euro 700,000 was made available for a period 3 years until expended. Each selected SAI is eligible to receive a maximum of Euro 20,000.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis with reviews done based on monthly batches. Applications will be collected and reviewed via the Global Call for Proposal (GCP) Tier 1 in cooperation with the INTOSAI PFAC Funding Board to guarantee the INTOSAI member SAIs continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. SAIs may contact the IDI for assistance in preparing the grant application.

Interested SAIs should please follow the steps below in order to apply:

Step 1: Click here and complete the application form for this grant

Step 2: Submit applications by sending an email to  cc with the caption “INTOSAI SAI Continuity during Covid-19 Grant” with the completed application (using the specified template).

Note: SAI Saudi Arabia has also established a fund for ASOSAI members that also provides resources for continuity of operations; see here for more details.

Latest Numbers

As of 6 May 2021
  • Number of applications received0
  • Number of SAIs approved0
  • Number of SAIs that have received funding0
  • Total grant available (EUR)0
  • Total grant disbursed (EUR)0
  • Regional breakdown: AFROSAI0
  • Regional breakdown: ARABOSAI0
  • Regional breakdown: ASOSAI0
  • Regional breakdown: CAROSAI0
  • Regional breakdown: EUROSAI0
  • Regional breakdown: PASAI0
  • Regional breakdown: OLACEFS0