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SPECIAL EDITION INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Newsletter Spring 2020

Englishعربى – Español – Français


  1. Role of Supreme Auditing Institutions in Governments’ Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.By Edward Olowo-Okere, Global Director, Governance Global Practice, World Bank
  2. COVID-19 through the eyes of …
  3. Staying relevant in COVID-19 times by auditing implementation of SDGs
  4. Accountability in a time of crisis
  5. SAI Independence ambassador
  6. What is the SIRAM?
  7. GCP Tier 2 projects ready for partners
  8. The 2020 INTOSAI Global Survey
  9. SAI Donor engagement workshop CAROSAI
  10. New head of the IDI Global Foundations Unit
  11. GCP Tier 1 concept notes