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What is the Global Call for Proposals?

The Global Call for Proposals (GCP) initiative aims to empower Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in developing countries to drive forward their capacity and performance, by scaling-up and optimizing the joint efforts of INTOSAI and donor partners.

GCP works by
(i) supporting SAIs to develop proposals based on their needs and strategic plan; and

(ii) facilitating matches with interested financial and technical providers of support in a coordinated manner.   

Through the GCP, all eligible SAIs and INTOSAI bodies can submit capacity development funding proposals at the country, regional and global levels. The IDC will then work with the applicant in an effort to match these proposals with donor and/or INTOSAI funding, or other support.  

GCP 1 and 2

In 2017, the GCP was split into two tiers.

GCP Tier 1

GCP Tier 1 is a rolling application mechanism that is open to all eligible applicants.

Proposals taken from GCP Tier 1 have been successful when they follow a robust approach to capacity development, e.g. not just training or new infrastructure but combining professional staff development with changes to organisational systems to enhance audit quality and deliver impact. Support to ISSAI implementation, undertaking SAI PMF assessments, and enhancing specific SAI functions – like forensic auditing – which show a clear benefit for the country, have been particularly successful. IDC and IDI can help with the development of concept notes for applications.

If you are a SAI interested in applying to the Global Call for Proposals programme, learn more about Tier 1 (Global Call for Proposals).

GCP Tier 2

GCP Tier 2 is a targeted program focused on particularly challenged SAIs, often from fragile states or challenging contexts.

GCP Tier 2 SAIs 2018-2020 – first phase provided through the Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership programme or Partenariat d’Appui Accéléré par des Pairs in French (PAP-APP) established by IDI, AFROSAI-E and CREFIAF.

GCP Tier 2 SAIs 2021-2025 – second phase, providing necessary and relevant financial, technical, political/advocacy, project management and coordination support for the SAIs are being provided in different ways and through PAP-APP.

For the latest news on the PAP-APP programme, please visit the PAP-APP page on the IDI website.

GCP Tier 2 – SAIs 2022 – the current Tier 2 program is known as the Global SAI Accountability Initiative – or GSAI.
If you are part of the current targeted support program, or want to learn more about the program’s goals, follow the link for Tier 2 (GSAI).

GCP Supporters

Previous rounds of the GCP in 2011 and 2013 have been hugely successful for many SAIs and donors. Around 50% of all concept notes or proposals were supported, in-full or in-part.

Support has come from:

  • Development banks
  • Donor agencies
  • the SAI Capacity Development Fund (CDF) financed by Switzerland
  • the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)
  • SAIs with their own development resources (e.g. Norway, Sweden)
  • SAIs as in-kind support (e.g. India, Brazil, Mexico)

Peer-to-peer support

A growing number of SAIs and INTOSAI bodies are now set up to provide peer-to-peer support. Some operate in specific regions or language groups, others globally. To aid both applicants and those interested in providing support, IDC has issued a Call for Capability Statements to INTOSAI bodies able to provided peer-to-peer support. Further capability statements will be added as they are developed. 

Success Stories