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Training on Working with SAIs

In several Steering Committee meetings, donor members of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation expressed an interest in learning more about the ways SAIs function and sharing knowledge of, and experience in capacity development tailored to the needs of SAIs.

Internationally there is growing recognition of the important role Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) can play in promoting transparency and democracy and in fighting corruption, waste and inefficiency. Working to strengthen SAIs is consistent with the international development community’s commitment to strengthening and using beneficiary country institutions.

Development agencies can play an important role in helping build the capacity of SAIs and encouraging governments, parliaments and others to support SAIs and act on their findings and recommendations. Their staff, however, come from many different backgrounds with different experience and approaches in working with SAIs. This event is tailored to facilitate exchange of information and experience, and bring development agency staff up to speed on developments in the world of public sector external audit and how best to support SAIs.

The INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat was therefore mandated by the Steering Committee at its 5th meeting in London in 2012 to coordinate the development of a learning event for development agency staff working with SAIs.

Event outline

The event addresses staff of development agencies
•Working in governance and/or public financial management departments,
•Responsible for managing or supporting capacity development programs for SAIs,
•Generally working on financial oversight issues, and/or
•Other staff with an interest in accountability and transparency.

The event is offered on a cost-recovery basis as on-site exchange, and will be developed into an internet platform in the future. After the piloting phase throughout 2014, the information material will be made available as Global Public Good.

Topics include
•Roles of SAIs in different legal context and political economy
•Recent developments in public sector auditing
•Needs assessments and strategic priorities
•SAIs as auditors of development funds/programs
•Donor agencies as advocates of SAI value and benefits.

For more information on timing and availability of the course, please contact the Secretariat