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Prior GCP Results

GCP Tier 1

Proposals taken from GCP Tier 1 have been successful when they follow a robust approach to capacity development, e.g. not just training or new infrastructure but combining professional staff development with changes to organisational systems to enhance audit quality and deliver impact. Support to ISSAI implementation, undertaking SAI PMF assessments, and enhancing specific SAI functions – like forensic auditing – which show a clear benefit for the country, have been particularly successful. IDC and IDI can help with the development of concept notes for applications.

GCP Tier 2 is a targeted program focused on particularly challenged SAIs, often from fragile states or challenging contexts.

Both tiers have seen a 50% success rate in project application. 

GCP Tier 2 SAIs 2018-2020 – First phase
The support to the GCP Tier 2 SAIs for 2018 to 2020 was provided through the Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership programme or Partenariat d’Appui Accéléré par des Pairs in French (PAP-APP) established by IDI, AFROSAI-E and CREFIAF. The name highlights the peer-support and partnership emphases of the programme.

Funding for the programme 2018-2020 was provided by several donors, including the Austrian Development Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iceland, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, France, DFID and SAI Qatar.

Each SAI received tailored technical support to strengthen its strategic management systems, develop high-quality and strategically-grounded proposals for long-term capacity development projects, and managed donor support for those projects.
Depending on the needs and priorities of the SAI, supported activities included:

  • establishing strategic planning teams and communication facilities
  • systematically assessing current capacity, performance and needs
  • strengthening internal systems for monitoring and reporting
  • developing new or updating existing strategic and operational plans
  • consulting key national stakeholders on their expectations for SAI development and plans
  • developing project proposals to implement plans
  • improving coordination and SAI driving of external support, including through dedicated staff

GCP Tier 2 SAIs 2021-2025 – Second phase
All the GCP Tier 2 SAIs have ambitious plans for stronger performance in terms of more and better audits. They also have plans to strengthen capacities in main areas, such as internal governance, stakeholder communication, ICT-systems and audit processes. However, the existing capacity and ambitions of change will differ.

Necessary and relevant financial, technical, political/advocacy, project management and coordination support for the SAIs are being provided in different ways. This can be INTOSAI providers (as strong SAIs), the PAP-APP partners or other technical providers as GIZ or private consultants. In cases where country-level arrangements are already working well, this usually is the best option.

Each SAI has Project Support Groups where donors and other support providers are kept updated about SAI needs and plans quarterly. This group seeks to provide financial or in-kind support to the SAI to implement the project proposals developed.

For the latest news on the PAP-APP programme, please visit the PAP-APP page on the IDI website.

GCP Tier 2 – GSAI
The current Tier 2 program is known as the Global SAI Accountability Initiative – or GSAI.
If you are part of the current targeted support program, or want to learn more about the program’s goals, follow the link for Tier 2 (GSAI).

Global Call for Proposals 2013 monitoring reports

Global Call for Proposals 2011 monitoring reports