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IDI/ Director General, Strategic Support Unit and Administration

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Cooperation on ISSAI implementation

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About the database

The SAI Capacity Development Database contains information on capacity development projects and programmes which target individual or groups of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). It is hosted by the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation. It aims to improve coordination in the planning and delivery of support to SAIs. Providers of capacity development support (SAIs and donors) are encouraged to enter all current and planned programs into the database (to ease the burden on SAIs receiving support).

Knowledge center

Increase knowledge about the size and nature of support provided to INTOSAI....

Global support

Analysis of global value of capacity development support to SAIs....

Enhance coordination

Facilitate provision of complementary support, avoid overlaps and enhance coordination. ...

Strategic planning

Information provided in the database can be of use for future Strategic planning of SAI support....