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BUSS is a new initiative launched by the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation to continue capitalizing on the collaborative platform already in place, to maximize joint efforts, and to increase support to SAIs in need.

BUSS is replacing the Global Call for Proposals (GCP) Tier 1 mechanism – a rolling mechanism which has supported SAIs to develop proposals based on their needs and strategic plan, and coordinate mobilization of funds from interested financial and technical providers of support.

Overall objective:

IDC’s aspiration with is to scale-up and optimize the joint efforts of INTOSAI and donor partners in enhancing the capacity and performance of SAIs in developing countries.

Specific objectives:

  1. Identify, establish and link sources of support for SAIs
  2. Empower SAIs to articulate their needs based on their strategic plans
  3. Facilitate SAIs’ dialogue with funding partners and other oversight institutions
  4. Enhance regional collaboration among SAIs, regional bodies and funding partners
  5. Meet SAI Governance and Independence needs by establishing a link to SPMR and other IDI governance initiatives

Target audience:

BUSS is available for all INTOSAI members and all donors and development partners working in Governance, Public Sector, Financial Management and Public Financial Management.

Implementation approach:

BUSS has a two-fold brokerage approach targeting 1) the empowerment of SAIs and 2) the identification and mobilization of resources.

On behalf of IDC, GFU will provide the BUSS brokerage service by:


1. Identify global and regional resources

a) IDC will actively identify global and regional funds or technical support available on an ongoing basis

b) BUSS workshops for donors will be delivered online or at donor events like EC regional meetings, IMF etc to:

2. Raise awareness and link resources to SAIs

GFU will highlight available funds to SAIs in the target region, or any other SAIs with matching priorities and facilitate dialogue.

3. Develop SAI proposals

GFU will support SAIs to develop proposals where a potential funding source has been identified. This will be offered to SAIs in the target region and/or those coming from the IDI SPMR programme that require concrete donor and/or peer support, through the BUSS workshops.

4. Mobilize resources

GFU will facilitate dialogues between SAIs with fully fledged proposals and the previously identified support provider. This may be from regional providers (e.g. peer, donor, development partner, regional banks); participation in IDI governance and independence initiatives; IDI focused in-depth support in governance or independence areas.

All SAIs in the process of mobilizing funds or support are offered additional training /support based on IDI SPMR programme principles and methodology for project design, management and reporting.

4. External SAI level support

The SAI initiates direct engagement with providers of support/funding to develop and execute relevant capacity development projects.


For more information about BUSS for your SAI, contact Marcela Hommefoss