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Continuing its strategy to collaborate with SAIs to audit grants and where possible to support SAI capacities, the Global Fund has  signed an MoU with CREFIAF and is renewing the one with AFROSAI.

“We are excited to have CREFIAF as part of our partnership to strengthen the use of country assurance systems in francophone countries,” said the Global Fund’s Chief Financial Officer Adda Faye. “Through a collaborative approach, both organizations will capitalize on mutual benefits by accelerating efforts to leverage the ‘cour des comptes’ in assurance services for Global Fund grants. This will effectively promote transparency, accountability and good governance, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders in the Global Fund ecosystem”.

Through this MoU, the Global Fund and CREFIAF will work together to coordinate and facilitate the exchange of information, experience and knowledge concerning audits and advisory activities. Together, they will strive to enhance relations between the Global Fund and member SAIs of CREFIAF with the aim of improving audit programs.

“This MoU is an important step towards enhancing our collaboration with the Global Fund and supporting SAIs in African francophone countries,” said Mbah Acha née Fomundam Rose Ngwari, CREFIAF’s President of the Governing Board. “We are committed to working together to build the capacity of SAIs and contribute to improved governance and accountability.”

The MoU reflects the Global Fund’s objective to reinforce the effectiveness of the external oversight system for public funds. Its aim is to have more Global Fund grants managed through national financing management systems.

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