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In 2021, IDI published the Global SAI Stocktaking Report 2020, based on the findings of the INTOSAI SAI Survey sent out the previous year.

With an emphasis on providing the results of the survey in ways that are most useable and useful for the SAI community, great consideration was given to how the results should be broken down for maximum impact. Along with the more usual regional and topical breakdowns, the presentation of the GSR results has included, for the first time, a separate annex devoted to the findings on gender equality.

In another first, the GSR now has its own dedicated site at The Stocktaking Report in English can be viewed or downloaded as a whole or in sections, including the standalone Gender Annex. The GSR is also available on the site in all INTOSAI languages, so versions in Arabic, French and Spanish can also be accessed via the GSR site.

Future Global SAI Stocktaking Reports will be made available on this site, too, which will further enhance the opportunity for comparing data from one triannual GSR to the next and following trends and progress by topic, region or other datasets.

Access the GSR here.