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The INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation (IDC) is starting 2019 with a new support structure and a closer cooperation with the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI).

The INTOSAI Donor Secretariat, which has been supporting the IDC for the last nine years, is being integrated into the IDI under the new Global Foundations Unit. The Secretariat staff are migrating to this new unit, and the major initiatives of the IDC, such as the Global Call for Proposals and the development of the SAI Capacity Development Database, will now have their administrative support provided by IDI.

While the functions of the Secretariat have transitioned over to IDI, the mission and goals of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation remain unchanged – to advocate for more effective and scaled-up support for SAIs around the world. Both the Global Call for Proposals and the SAI Capacity Development Database will continue their work in their current form throughout 2019.

By integrating the IDC support and administrative structure into IDI, the IDC Steering Committee will be able to turn its focus to long-term strategic issues and identifying opportunities to advocate for good practices between SAIs and the donor community.

The Cooperation will also be considering new opportunities to partner with various INTOSAI bodies and working groups when hosting its annual meeting. This can allow members of the donor and INTOSAI communities can find new opportunities to come together, learn about each other’s needs, and develop plans for improved collaboration and support.

The Cooperation looks forward to working more closely with IDI, and to continuing to serve as a forum for the SAI and donor community to come together under the MoU principles.