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The 7th of April 2021 the nine SAIs from the Global Call for Proposals (GCP) Tier 2  retook their dialogue with development partners and peer SAIs on how to succeed in securing scaled-up support. These are the SAIs of DRC, Eritrea, The Gambia, Guinea, Madagascar, Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zimbabwe which have developed ambitious strategic plans and project proposals for long-term support.



Several SAIs and their partners have successfully got funding for projects, while others have not yet secured funding or got dedicated peers or technical partners on-board.

By organizing a dialogue between donors, peers and SAI representatives, the PAP-APP partners want to enable all SAIs to succeed in securing scaled-up support as envisioned by the GCP Tier 2 initiative.

The specific objectives of the meeting were to:

  1. Give a brief overview of key achievements of the nine SAIs from 2018-2020 and their unmet needs of support to successfully implement their strategic plans
  2. Share some inspiring stories of projects established
  3. Enable more in-depth presentation and discussion of projects for SAIs that as by now are not so much supported
  4. Enable SAI, donor and peer representatives to meet, and have a good basis for direct discussions on establishing projects after the meeting.

The main track for establishing support to the GCP Tier 2 SAIs is the country-level partner groups led by the SAI (in many countries called “Project Support Groups”).

This dialogue intended to provide a link between the ongoing country level discussions, and the global or headquarter donor representatives.