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Chad – Training Project for Judges of the Court of Audit (2014-18)

Beneficiary level: Country
Project status: Proposed (Expression of interest)
Duration from: 2014-08-01
Duration to: 2018-08-01
Total budget (US Dollar): $2516000
DAC Income classification: Least Developed Countries

The Chamber of Accounts has been transformed into a Court of Audit, with greater powers and duties. The procedures, manuals and professional skills of the Judges of the Court need to be enhanced as a result. The SAI proposes a training needs assessment followed by implementation of the training plan, as well as development of appropriate procedure manuals and audit software.
The SAI hopes to develop the capacity of its Judges in performance audits, financial audits, compliance audits, financial analysis, financial management and accounts judging, leading to audit reports meeting international standards. The SAI envisages using pilot audits as a way of gaining hands-on experience with new audit processes and the use of procedure manuals and ISSAI standards, once adopted. In taking forward this proposal, further support may be required to prioritise and sequence the different planned initiatives.
A copy of the application is available to those interested in providing support. Please
Interest from Potential Providers of Support:
The European Commission (DG Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid) has expressed interest in supporting the proposal.

SAIs connected to this project

  • Chad
How the project was initiated
Global Call 2013
Gender Relevance
Has the project/activity as an objective “the strengthening of the SAI Institutional Framework/ Independence”?
Contact person: Beneficiary SAI/Region/Committee
Oumar Abouna, Tel: +235 66293515 [email protected] Adjib Koulamallah, President of the Chad Court of Audit [email protected]
Source of funding
The European Commission (DG Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid) has expressed interest in supporting the proposal
Other Source of funding
Contact person: Provider of support
Susanne Wille email: [email protected]
Implementing agency(s)
Contact person: Implementing partner(s)
Type of support
Stand alone project
Support modality
Support categories covered
Organisational capacity, Financial audit, Compliance Audit, Performance audit, IT Audit, Other Specialized Audits
Is support based on beneficiary SAI/INTOSAI region Strategic Plan?
Link to related projects/programs
No related projects/programs
Any other information