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Djibouti Court of Audit Capacity Development (2015-17)

Beneficiary level: Country
Project status: Planned
Duration from: 2015-01-01
Duration to: 2017-12-31
Total budget (US Dollar): $450000
DAC Income classification: Least Developed Countries

The purpose of the project is to develop the capacity of the Djibouti Court of Audit with a view to improving the level, quality and impact of its findings. It aims to achieve the following results: • Reduction in the backlog of judicial reviews of compliance • Execution of performance audits • Implementation of reliable quality control and assurance systems • Enhancement of the status of the Court of Audit’s work and its image. SAI Djibouti is in the process of rebuilding its capacity following a temporary interruption caused by a fire that destroyed the Court’s headquarters in 2010. In addition, the SAI is undergoing a transition from the former Chamber of Accounts and Budgetary Discipline to a Court of Audit, which has further affected the level of judicial reviews and timely issuance of judgments. Work is required to develop the necessary audit manuals and guidance, train auditors and judges, conduct pilot performance audits, establish and train a quality assurance division, and hold focus group conferences on the work and value of the Court of Audit.
Providers of support:
The African Development Bank expressed their interest in supporting this initiative fully and a grant of 450000usd was approved. They are under dialogue.

SAIs connected to this project

  • Djibouti
How the project was initiated
Global Call 2013
Gender Relevance
Has the project/activity as an objective “the strengthening of the SAI Institutional Framework/ Independence”?
Contact person: Beneficiary SAI/Region/Committee
Mohamed Ali Abdoulkader Tel: + 253 21 35 77 75/ + 253 21 35 67 76 E-mail: [email protected]
Source of funding
African Development Bank
Other Source of funding
Contact person: Provider of support
Etienne Nkoa [email protected]
Implementing agency(s)
Djibouti with international experts to be selected.
Contact person: Implementing partner(s)
Type of support
Stand alone project
Support modality
Support categories covered
Organisational capacity
Is support based on beneficiary SAI/INTOSAI region Strategic Plan?
Link to related projects/programs
No related projects/programs
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