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Dutch constituencies at IMF, World Bank and EBRD 2016

Beneficiary level: Regional
Project status: Completed
Duration from: 2016-03-01
Duration to: 2016-12-31
Total budget (US Dollar): $81000

Roll out IntoSAINT and capacity building.
Technical cooperation
The Constituency Programme of the Dutch Ministry of Finance aimed to assist Ministries of Finance and affiliated organizations in constituency countries in achieving (or promote awareness of) European and international standards in the area of transparent and solid public finances.  Dutch best practices can be instrumental to achieve that aim.
Our technical cooperation:
Is demand driven: based on firm requests for technical assistance from the country’s Ministries of Finance (or affiliated organisations);
Is mainly delivered by our own experts, exchanging knowledge and experiences with their colleagues in the countries concerned. The experts apply an interactive and tailor made approach in trainings and other activities. The idea is to learn together, not teach.
Is coordinated with the work of EU, International Financial Institutions (IFI’s) and other (bilateral) donors.
Area’s covered by the Constituency Programme
Budget: budget process (preparation, execution, supervision), legislation, audit and control
Tax and customs: tax and customs policy, tax and customs administration
Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s)
Anti money laundering
Export credit insurance
Debt and cash management
Financial markets
Other relevant EU issues (like EU coordination structures)

SAIs connected to this project

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Moldova
How the project was initiated
Gender Relevance
Has the project/activity as an objective “the strengthening of the SAI Institutional Framework/ Independence”?
Contact person: Beneficiary SAI/Region/Committee
Moldova: Viorica Verdec Bulgarije: Kosta Stoyanchev Bosnia and Herzegovina Jasmina Galijašević
Source of funding
Government of the Netherlands
Other Source of funding
Contact person: Provider of support
Ms. Angelique van Haasteren
Implementing agency(s)
Netherlands Court of Audit
Contact person: Implementing partner(s)
Mr. Jan van Dam
Type of support
Stand alone project
Support modality
Support categories covered
Other form of support
Is support based on beneficiary SAI/INTOSAI region Strategic Plan?
Link to related projects/programs
No related projects/programs
Any other information