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Enhanced Oversight of the Extractives Industry in Francophone Africa

Beneficiary level: Regional
Project status: Ongoing
Duration from: 2016-03-03
Duration to: 2021-03-31
Total budget (US Dollar): $13600000

This project aims to enhance transparency and accountability of national revenue collection related to natural resources in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Madagascar and Mali and in francophone Sub-Saharan Africa. Building the capacity of national Supreme Audit Institutions and other oversight bodies to audit and monitor the extractives industry is expected to help maximize government revenues to improve the delivery of services to citizens and help reduce poverty. Project activities include: (1) developing regional and country-specific extractive industry audit guidelines, training curricula and other technical resources aligned with international best practices, including gender and environment-specific tools; (2) completing extractive industry pilot audits in target countries to test guidelines and technical resources; (3) delivering extractive industry audit training and on-the-job coaching to Supreme Audit Institutions and other national oversight bodies; and (4) developing guidelines and processes for systematically engaging stakeholders, including citizens, women’s groups, civil society organizations, media and industry in extractive industry auditing processes.

SAIs connected to this project

  • Burkina Faso
  • Cameroon
  • Madagascar
  • Mali
How the project was initiated
Gender Relevance
Has the project/activity as an objective “the strengthening of the SAI Institutional Framework/ Independence”?
Contact person: Beneficiary SAI/Region/Committee
Source of funding
Government of Canada
Other Source of funding
Contact person: Provider of support
Mathieu Lafrenière, PFM specialist, [email protected], 343-203-5121
Implementing agency(s)
Cowater International
Contact person: Implementing partner(s)
Cory Leblanc, Director, [email protected] 
Type of support
Stand alone project
Support modality
Support categories covered
Organisational capacity, Other Specialized Audits
Is support based on beneficiary SAI/INTOSAI region Strategic Plan?
Link to related projects/programs
No related projects/programs
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