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Gabon SAI Capacity Building Project

Beneficiary level: Country
Project status: Ongoing
Duration from: 2014-07-14
Duration to: 2017-09-30
Total budget (US Dollar): $350000
DAC Income classification: Upper Middle Income Countries

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve the professionalism and quality of the audit work of the SAI in order to contribute to efficiency and accountability in the use of public resources. The project will play a key role in Gabon’s acceleration of pace towards a more transparent and orderly PFM, more efficient public service delivery.
Project Context
The proposed PDO will be achieved through the following three components identified in the Gabon SAI strategic and development plan :
(i) Modernization of the SAI organizational structure and operating manuals
This component will finance the development and the implementation of a revised organizational and management structure that will enable the SAI to optimize the existing resources (human, financial, and infrastructure) in order to meet its strategic objectives. The component will be also finance activities aiming to develop a revised operating manual with a view to strengthening the internal governance of the SAI. Likewise a human resource action plan including an adequate performance appraisal scheme, and training program will be developed and implemented in line with INTOSAI guidelines on Building Capacity in SAIs. Lastly, before the closure of the project, this component will finance the assessment of the Gabon SAI performance using the SAI Performance Measurement Framework developed by INTOSAI with the view to assess progress made over the project implementation.
(ii) Scale up of the VFM audit methodology in other social and infrastructure sectors
Three VFM audit will be conducted as part of the project in key selected sectors (infrastructure and social sectors) to assess the effectiveness and efficiency in the use of public resources so as to better inform decision makers in the future budget allocations. These audits will build on the VFM audit guidelines developed by the World Bank and which were piloted by the Gabon SAI with support from the French SAI. Like for first VFM audit in health infrastructures, the reports resulting from the audit to be carried out will be publicly made available and serve as a policy dialogue instrument.
(iii) Strengthening of the relationship between the SAI and its external stakeholders such as parliamentarians and civil society organizations

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  • Gabon
How the project was initiated
Gender Relevance
Has the project/activity as an objective “the strengthening of the SAI Institutional Framework/ Independence”?
Contact person: Beneficiary SAI/Region/Committee
Gabon Supreme Audit Institution,[email protected],(00241)
Source of funding
SAI Capacity Development Fund
Other Source of funding
Contact person: Provider of support
Enagnon Ernest Eric Adda,Sr Financial Management Specialist,
Implementing agency(s)
Contact person: Implementing partner(s)
Gabon Supreme Audit Institution,[email protected],(00241)
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Stand alone project
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