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Sierra Leone – Supreme Audit Institution Capacity Building Project

Beneficiary level: Country
Project status: Ongoing
Duration from: 2016-09-01
Duration to: 2017-08-30
Total budget (US Dollar): $270000
DAC Income classification: Least Developed Countries

Component 1- Strengthening Professional Capacity The objective of this component is to create professional capacity to support strengthening of the financial oversight roles of the ASSL, and submission of timely quality audits to the Public Accounts Committee to ensure transparency and accountability on the use of public funds. Activities that shall be financed under this component include: i) engagement of a consultant to provide ‘hands-on’ training and development for ASSL staff in specialized audits such as environmental audit, forensic, and IT audits to undertake these audits on their own; and ii) relevant logistical support. Component 2: Enhanced understanding of ASSL audit reports issued. The objective of this component is to make it easier for the public to read and appreciate reports issued by the institution. Activities that shall be financed under this component include; i) engagement of consultants to train and develop ASSL staff to produce simplified versions of ASSL audit reports including developing pictorial and vocal depictions for the benefit of the public to promote understanding of the audit findings Component 3: Project management, M&E, and Audit This component would finance; i) Project Coordinator within the ASSL who would support and facilitate the interaction among different units within ASSL, and interaction with the IPMU and overall project monitoring.

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  • Sierra Leone
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SAI Capacity Development Fund (SAI CDF)
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[email protected]
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SAI Capacity Development Fund SAI CDF
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[email protected]
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Stand alone project
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