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The INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation (IDC) successfully launched the pilot phase of the BUSS initiative with a workshop in the CREFIAF region at the end of October 2022. Next, in August 2023, the BUSS – Brokering Upscaled SAI Support – will help to foster and extend partnerships between donors and partners and Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in the OLACEFS region.

The objective of the BUSS initiative is to link available sources of support with SAI development plans, firstly by proactively identifying available resources, then by helping SAIs to articulate their needs, and finally by bringing donors and SAIs together in enhanced opportunities for engagement for both.

The BUSS workshops target audiences of development partners, donor bodies and organizations working within the Public Financial Management and Governance Sectors and on strengthening accountability systems and citizen engagement, as well as a a workshop for SAIs. The BUSS workshops are linked and delivered sequentially: the donors and development partners sessions will take place on 22-24th August, and SAIs on 23 – 25th August. The overlapping days on 23rd and 24th August will provide opportunities for joint working sessions and roundtable discussions between donors and SAIs, and while the 25th August will feature closed sessions for SAIs, partners are invited to stay and hold bilateral meetings if useful.

Read The BUSS workshop in OLACEFS concept and timetable in full.

You can also find out more about BUSS and the pilot in CREFIAF region on our website, and read how the workshop helped SAI Burkina Faso connect with their partners to great effect.

If you are interested in attending The BUSS workshop in OLACEFS, please contact Marcela Hommefoss on