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Tenth SC Meeting Washington

Press release: 10th Annual Meeting of INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation: Launch of a Support Initiative for Challenged SAIs

The INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation has launched an initiative for targeted support for Supreme Audit Institutions in challenging environments, operating in fragile states. The initiative will provide support to these SAIs, based on their strategic plans. The initiative will involve bringing donors, regional INTOSAI bodies, and peer SAIs (as appropriate) in a project support group to support SAIs for long-term and sustainable capacity development.

The 10th meeting of the INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee was hosted by the World Bank in Washington DC on 20-21 September 2017, contiguously with the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee meeting 18-20 September. Together the meetings saw participation from over 100 representatives from SAIs and development partners.


The INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation is a strategic partnership between the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) and 23 development partners to scale up and strengthen support to Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in developing countries. It was established with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2009. The Cooperation is unique in bringing together partners who share a common goal of enhancing accountability, public financial management, transparency, and good governance through strengthening SAIs. Leadership of the INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee is provided by Joint Chairs and Vice Chairs from the INTOSAI and donor communities. The World Bank is Chair and Irish Aid is Vice Chair for the Donors. The SAI of Saudi Arabia is Chair and the SAI of United States is Vice Chair for INTOSAI.

For further information on the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation, please contact the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat within the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI):

The Donor representatives in the cooperation are: African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Australian Agency for International Development, Austria (Austrian Development Agency), Belgium (Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, and Development Cooperation), Canada (CIDA), European Commission, France (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), GAVI Alliance, Global Fund, Inter-American Development Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Ireland, Islamic Development Bank, Netherlands, Norway (Norad), OECD, Sweden (Sida), Switzerland (SECO), United Kingdom (Department for International Development), United States of America (USAID), World Bank