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Third SC Meeting USA 2011

The World Bank hosted the third Steering Committee meeting on 19–20 July 2011 in Washington, DC, USA. The meeting saw the participation of more than 50 representatives from the INTOSAI and donor communities and revealed the rich diversity of existing peer-to-peer cooperation and support provided by donors to the INTOSAI community.

The meeting marked a significant move in the implementation of the 2009 Memorandum of Understanding. The Steering Committee agreed to move forward with additional financing arrangements for the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation following a three-pronged approach:
•Launch of a global call for proposals for capacity development projects in need of support.
•A task force of like-minded donor organizations agreed to work together to develop a global pooled funding framework for SAI capacity development.
•Establish a global databank on SAI capacity development support.