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The Success Stories

A key element of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Communications Strategy is that country-level results and success stories from SAI capacity development initiatives are used to reach the communications objectives and support behavior change. The country-level lens is critical for telling a story to the audience: even a regional or global program is best illustrated by focusing on successes in specific countries. This happens through a two-tiered approach:

Showcase successful SAI capacity development initiatives from across the INTOSAI and donor communities (based on evidence of results, including impact in society).

Show how the MoU principles were critical to the success of the initiative and, where possible, illustrate the contribution of the Cooperation’s regional and global initiatives towards these results, for example that the project came out of the SAI Capacity Development Fund or the Global Call for Proposals, or that the database was used to ensure effective coordination with other partners.


The presentation of success stories is inclusive, so it is not an absolute requirement that the success came as a direct result of the Cooperation’s activities. The contributions of relevant partners and stakeholders to the results is recognized in the presentation of the success stories.

We invite you to identify and share relevant success stories for improved communication of SAI Capacity Development results with us! Based on the initial suggestions, the Cooperation will look into the examples further to identify if they can be effectively turned into powerful communication pieces. Email us: