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INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Strategy 2020-2030

The INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation switched from working through program document phases to giving high level strategic direction based on key common objectives.  Implementation of the strategy is a shared responsibility of the IDC partners, supported by IDI. The strategy will be incorporated into, and supplemented by, IDI’s annual plans and appropriate implementation arrangements for the Cooperation to plan and monitor progress.

The IDC partners will use a consultative process to review and agree upon relevant implementation measures in IDI’s plans and appropriate risk assessment. IDI will coordinate appropriate efforts to raise awareness and reach out to other relevant and interested stakeholders with the aim of broadening and strengthening the partnership. The primary source of funding is IDI’s budget allocation for working on behalf of the Cooperation, all of which is provided by members of the Cooperation. This will also be supplemented by in-kind contributions from members and observers of the Cooperation. Financing, risk assessment and monitoring tools will be produced by IDI as annexes to this document.

The strategy 2020-2030 was approved by the Steering Committee in Tokyo, July 2019. See the strategy HERE

Program Document

Program Document for INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Phase 3

In February 2016, the INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee (SC) approved the Program Document for phase 3 of the Cooperation. It was developed by a working group established at the 8th SC meeting which consisted of the European Commission, SECO, IDI and the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat.

Based on the achievements of the Cooperation to date, the findings of the external evaluation and the discussions at the 8th SC meeting, the Program Document presented the planned scope and strategic direction of the Cooperation in 2016-2018. The results of a number of working groups established at the 8th SC meeting was incorporated into an updated Program Document for consideration by the SC at its 2016 Annual Meeting.

The Cooperation’s program objective is to optimize the joint efforts of INTOSAI and Donor partners in enhancing the capacity of SAIs in developing countries. This was sought achieved in phase 3 through the following key results:
1.Enhanced financial support for capacity development of SAIs in developing countries
2.Enhanced quality of knowledge on SAI development initiatives and performance
3.Enhanced tools and capacity development approaches
4.Increased awareness of the Cooperation and the needs of SAIs in developing countries
5.Strengthened donor and INTOSAI coordination and collaboration on SAI capacity development

The Program Document further presented a number of outputs which each comprise a number of activities. These were defined in detail as part of annual work programs.


Files Phase 3

Program Document for INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Phase 2

The focus of the 2013-2015 Program Document of the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation was twofold: the Cooperation is seeking both to consolidate the successful work carried out in the first phase of the Cooperation and to scale up its work to include new topics of prime interest to the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation.

Agreed areas of activities were INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Management, Funding Mechanisms and Project Identification, the SAI Performance Measurement Framework (PMF), Knowledge Center on Support to SAIs, Strengthening the Supply of Support to SAIs, Research and Evidence, as well as Monitoring, Evaluation and Lesson Learning.

Core funding was originally provided from Austria, Ireland and Norway, and earmarked funding from the World Bank. Additionally, during 2013 Switzerland and the UK agreed to provide additional funding. The Cooperation is now fully funded for the period 2013-15.


Files Phase 2