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The INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Communications Package

The purpose of the Communications Package

The Communications Package intends to facilitate communication for the members of the Steering Committee (SC) regarding awareness raising about the importance of working with SAIs and value of the Cooperation as a strategic partnership between the INTOSAI and Donor Communities. SC members are seen as “change agents” in the Cooperation’s communications strategy 2016-18 (108 KB) , and constitute an important link to people who work on SAI capacity development in donor organizations and in SAIs, but who are not directly involved in the SC.

To achieve the objectives of the INTOSAI-Donor MoU, it is crucial that information about good practices for SAI capacity development reaches not only those who actively take part in the SC meetings, but also those who are involved in capacity development activities at the country level.

Use of the Communications Package

SC members are encouraged to make use of the communications package to inform about the Cooperation to relevant audiences, especially staff within their own organisations, or for the case of INTOSAI regions and committees, to member SAIs. Examples of such communications activities include:

  • Handing out flyers at relevant events
  • Sharing materials, for example the success stories on websites / newsletters / magazines / social media
  • Delivering presentations
  • Sharing materials by email with staff working on SAI capacity development

Key messages have been developed to help increase the understanding of the importance of SAIs and their role within the public sector; as well as the Cooperation’s added value and how it differs from INTOSAI and other bodies, and to facilitate consistent communication by SC members.

Contents of the Communications Package

The communications package consists of materials that the SC members are encouraged to make use of when interacting with relevant staff / organisations within their networks, as well as with external stakeholders. The individual elements of the package are available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish below. Full packages in zip folders are provided at the end.

1.The table of content


2. Introduction- How to use the communications package

3. Success Story SAI Bhutan

4. Success Story Sierra Leone


5. Success Story PASAI

6. INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation flyer


7. Global Call for Proposals flyer

8. Key messages about the Cooperation and its results

9. A standardized presentation about the Cooperation objectives

10. A presentation on the importance of SAIs for good governance, accountability and transparency

11. INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation logo